"How To Turn Your Cellphone or Computer
Into A VIRAL ATM Machine"

Earn Multiple $5 Referral Commissions Over and Over


   For years people have been using this Cash App to send money to family, friends, or business contacts not knowing that they had actually stubbled onto a money turning leviathan that could help set them free of financial burden. The problem was learning how to make it go viral and work on pure autopilot.

We discovered 3 easy steps to make that happen using a simple crowd funding site that helps members get referrals. This page is to serve as an instructional page to help serious marketers who want to take their online earnings to the next level. We mean earning multiple payments of $5, $20, $100, $200, and even $1000. Just follow the step by step process below and you will wake up with cash available to spend. In case you are wondering if this really works, check out the snippet from my email as of 10/26/2019 while I was asleep. Once you set it up and share with a few people, it takes on a life of it's own.


Step 1. What Is Cash App? How Does It Work?


Very Simple! Cash App is a mobile app that you download from your App store on either Android or Iphone operating system (os). Currently Cash App is offering new members a $5 bonus for trying the service. And the person who refers that member also gets a $5 referral bonus when the new member sends their very first $5 payment. Cash App provides a secure way for people to use their debit cards online versus putting their debit card information on multiple websites. Same concept as Googlepay accept Googlepay doesn't pay the outstanding referral bonuses, which are paid instantly by Cash App.

You can refer unlimited people while this promotion is active to earn a nice substantial monthly income. But we took it one step further to help members earn more money on autopilot. Once you have downloaded and activated your Cash App. On the profile screen at the bottom it says enter referral code. Put this code into that space and click next. It will say the persons name of who is referring you. If that is not right, contact the person who gave you this webpage link to get their referral code: https://cash.app/app/TQGVKDB 



After that step is completed, once you send your very first $5 using Cash App You and your referring sponsor will earn $5 each. And we took care of where to send your very first payment to earn you a FREE Lifetime membership which leads up to step 2!


Step 2. What Is UpCrowdMe? How Does It Work?



UpCrowdMe cost a one time $5 to get started. Once you create your UCM account and pay the fee using your Cash App, you and your referrer instantly gets paid. And since your referrer might be the beneficiary of UCM, they will be receiving another $5 for a total of $10. Now you have completed steps 1. and 2. And you have received your $5 back that you invested which now gives you a 100% FREE Lifetime Membership at UpCrowdMe. Plus activated your payment portal to receive referral commissions from Cash App and UCM instantly.

And another great benefit of this 2 punch combination, with UpCrowdMe, as you climb up the donation ladder, you will begin to recieve higher donations plus roll ups. What are rollups? Here is a special inside peek!



Step 3. Sending Traffic and Referring Others


The final step is getting eyes on this page, or your own created page. Anything that will show potential members how easy it is to earn viral income with no out of pocket expenses. International members will have to pay the one time $5 to get started, but that is a small price to pay for the amount of donations you can receive.

The best way is to advertise on social media using the software that will be available to you through UCM. Posting on traffic exchanges, mailers, ezines, using drop cards, word of mouth from friends, and family. This simple strategy has massive appeal and potential to free you from life's burdens.


You have now completed the setup process to turn your phone or computer into an ATM!


Get your very own coded page like this one with lifetime hosting and personalized subdomain. Direct sponsored members of Team10k cost is one time $5. All others out of network is a one time $10. Make payments using Cash App to $Team10k in the note area enter referral info for both CashApp and UpCrowdMe. (example: CA/refname, UCM/refname) International members who want this page will only have UCM/refname. Allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

Earnings Disclaimer: All statements and/or comments mentioning earnings only represent potential income. Any income made will be determined by the individual efforts of each marketer and how many funding lines they are able to create and/or how many they refer to Cash App. The statements and remarks made on this page are from an independent affiliate member and thus are not employees of CashApp or UpCrowdMe. All Rights Reserved.©